Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cake - Baby Shower Tiered Roses

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by again.  I have another tiered cake to share with you!  This cake was for a baby shower and there are so many details.  Let's start with size: the cake is a 6", on top of a 10", on top of a 14" on top of a 16" cake board.  This cake can serve between 30-40 people, depending on how it is cut.  And let me tell you why.  Only the top two tiers are actual cake!  The mother-to-be really liked the look of the sample cake however, only expected about 40 guests.  So let me let you in on a little secret - the bottom tier is actually foam, decorated in buttercream!  You get the height of the cake, and the desired look, but at a fraction of the cost, and definitely less leftover cake.  Do not get me wrong, I would love to bake extra cake, but realistically, there is only so much cake a person can eat.  So! If you have an event and do not want to spend as much...foam is definitely an option!  Okay, now about the cake details.  The top tier is strawberry cake, and the second tier is white cake.  The decorations are edible and made from fondant, and yes, I made the baby booties!  The cake design of the top and bottom tier are hand piped buttercream swirls that look like roses, in varying shades of pink.  The design is carried over into the vanilla and strawberry cupcakes seen on the table as well.  The monogram on the cake is made with a patch of fondant and royal icing. Hope you enjoyed this post.

~ Corrie Marie

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