Sunday, September 22, 2013

Princess Party Cupcakes

Happy 8th Birthday Skye!  A very special little girl loves princesses so on her birthday, she got her very own!  I made vanilla cupcakes filled with fresh strawberry filling, and topped them with two shades of pink vanilla buttercream icing using a rose pattern for a pretty effect (and to use less icing!).  Then I sprinkled the cupcakes with red sugar sprinkles for contrast and garnished them with princess party rings.  The result?  Yum!  And seven very happy, hyper little girls.  :) I also thought it would be cute to have the birthday girl get her own personal  princess cake, so I also made a mini princess doll cake.  The top part of this mini cake is half of a store-bought doll, with the hair in a braided crown styled by me using sewing pins. Her dress top is made of fondant.  The skirt and ruffles are made of buttercream.

Princess Doll and Cupcake display

Below are close up of each cupcake:

Cupcake close up

And the cupcakes are ready to go!

Keep checking for more creations at CMK!

~ Corrie Marie

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  1. I was trying to imagine what a princess cupcake would look like and yours is so much prettier. You are so creative. Good job.